Businesses are currently demanding ‘Clean Internet’. This, is a challenged faced both in South Africa and across the globe. Issues include the problem of business resources being exposed to malware or being used to access illegal or undesirable content. Having recently released the Enforcer device for consumer internet management and protection, LucidView is now tackling the issue of safe, clean internet at provider level with a bolt-on service available to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPS) and large Enterprise Tech Teams.


The Enforcer bolt-on solution can be added to your existing hardware providing a tremendous value-add in terms functionality and insight, as well as the ability to provide the client/end user with a better service. Given that a majority of WISPs and MSPs are already have or are familiar with MikroTik routers deployed for the purposes of Wi-Fi provision, traffic prioritisation or internet routing, the Enforcer Bolt-On Solution provided by LucidView can be bolted onto your existing routers by simply running the install script provided by LucidView, thereby unlocking the full arsenal of content filtering and reporting tools that makes the Enforcer so useful for internet resource management.


Says Andrew Wilson, CEO of LucidView, “Safe, clean, visible internet is here and it’s ready to be bolted on to MikroTik routers everywhere. We’ve taken all the functionality of our LucidView Enforcer device and turned it into a bolt-on solution. MSPs can subscribe to this service and transform their existing MikroTik routers into powerful content filters with reporting and insight functionality, to boost their internet resource management capabilities, strengthen their solutions and ultimately grow business.”


With this bolt-on, resellers and MSP’s are now able to offer their clients clean, safe, visible Internet that is safely managed and fairly allocated. The LucidView Enforcer bolt on service eliminates all harmful content, like malware and filters out content that is illegal (certain types of pornography, gambling and piracy) and inappropriate for the workplace. In addition, it provides clean Internet access with traffic prioritisation and sharing capabilities and also reports regularly on user behaviour, revealing exactly how Internet resources are allocated. “This makes it attractive for any corporate that needs accurate insight into their organisation-wide internet user behaviour, along with a customisable, intelligent content filter,” Wilson adds.


Furthermore, all of the benefits of the LucidView Enforcer bolt-on service are immediate. There is no need to purchase new hardware or additional software – provided of course you have a MikroTik device. Service Providers now have the chance to make their solutions stronger and increase their service offerings.


This Enforcer Bolt-on Solution allows the Service Provider to add their own Company Banners and company logos to the reports, making this a truly power and appealing  backend solution to Service Providers.


“With ransomware and other malware on the rise and cybersecurity an increasing concern, there is massive opportunity for MPSs, WISPs and Enterprise Tech teams to capitalise on all the protective functionalities of the Enforcer bolt-on service to provide their clients with something worth paying for –  clean, safe, reliable internet access that is managed according to the client’s preferences and requirements, with customisable white-label reporting. Given the pervasiveness of MikroTik devices and their skyrocketing popularity, coupled with the affordability of the LucidView Enforcer bolt-on solution, soon there will be little to no reason for businesses, hotels and restaurants not to offer clean, safe Internet access,” Wilson concludes.