By Sonal Maheshwari

Brevity is the key to successful digital marketing. Any digital marketer can tell you the importance of making the message concise and directing the information as is, creatively. Infographics are boon to marketers looking for effective and attractive formats to condense information. It ensures that the full import of the message is perpetuated in a single graph with attractive designs.

The ‘Big’ Data World                                                                         

The internet is generating more data than ever before and statistics show that in a day 2 million videos are created, 1.5 billion pieces of content is uploaded and 140 million tweets are generated. This plethora of data is accessed via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Most of this data is neither bookmarked nor saved for further reading, and all of it is gleaned through to spot the important points. To collate all this data and curate it requires space and time.

Infographics are ‘In’

Infographicscombine design and writing and present a comprehensive image to convey complex set of data. The visual shorthand presents an efficient way to tell stories that compel viewers to share. Graphics are easier for readers to understand, however, they are interesting when text and images are combined. Infographics leverage the strength and weaknesses of text, images and graphics to deliver clever, entertaining and informative content.

Advantages of Using Infographics

  • Scan through reading: the concise presentation of data and the clever breakup makes it easy for the reader to scan through and get full import of the data quickly
  • Going viral: The attractive presentation and the logical placement of data makes it shared twice over on the social media. A little humor in the text goes a long way to keep the infographic alive for a while
  • Global reach: where language is a barrier, pictures speak a thousand words. Hence, a single infographic can be used for a global marketing campaign. In fact, the text can be changed to suit the language of the region
  • SEO: Smartly placed infographics and their perpetuation on social media sites will drive traffic and improve Google Page rank for the website as more people visit the website to view the infographic
  • Shows expertise: condensing information to present it in a comprehensive graph requires a lot of understanding and knowledge of the subject.
  • It’s fun: the colorful images, smartly worded short information, the figures and statistics are more fun than the old black and white words that are tedious to read.

Breadth and Depth of Information

Often complex data or expert knowledge is hard to share with the average viewer. Infographics help in intelligently breaking down the information into simple parts so that they can be easily read and understood at a glance. The fun colors, interlaced with eye-opening facts, anecdotes or witty statements come across as a revelation to the readers. This compels them to revisit the infographic and even share it in their circle.

Studies show that people respond faster to visual information over texts. They drive social sharing, which ensures an organic way to spread the infographic online and hence make it an essential tool for digital marketing.